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Custom screensavers for Kindle

Grayscale version of Ernst Haeckel's Asteridea drawing

Grayscale version of Ernst Haeckel’s Asteridea drawing

I followed these instructions to jailbreak my Kindle and add some custom screensavers to it. I used newer versions of the files given for download, found here.

Then I set about finding some images I liked. I’d seen some biological line drawings by a man called Ernst Haeckel a while ago, and thought they would work well as screensaver images as they look a lot like images in the default Kindle screensavers.

I downloaded the images I wanted, then followed the instructions from How To Geek (first link above) on converting images to a suitable format for the Kindle. I updated my version of GIMP while I was editing the images and found it’s got a really simple batch image editing function (in GIMP > File > Batch Image Manipulation). You can also save the batch edit profile to use again at a later date.

So here’s my batch image manipulation profile for GIMP (right-click to save file):

This will:

  1. Resize image so that it is 800 pixels high (preserving aspect ratio of image)
  2. Convert to grayscale
  3. Convert image to PNG format
  4. Save edited image with the original filename suffixed by ‘_edit’