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Customising Dashing

Screen shot 2013-06-18 at 21.50.34

This post follows on from installing Dashing.

Add Twitter search


~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo gem install twitter

~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo dashing install 5419267

Opened Gemfile in ~/abbies_dashboard and added new line:

gem 'twitter'

~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo bundle install

Add Twitter configs to twitter-search.rb [to edit file, had to save edited version to a different folder then cut and paste into jobs folder]

Add weather widget


~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo gem install xml-simple

Opened Gemfile in ~/abbies_dashboard and added new line:

gem 'xml-simple'

~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo bundle install

~/abbies_dashboard $ sudo dashing install 4990174

You’ll also need the Climacons Webfont. Download it, and put the .eot, .ttf, and .woff files in your /assets/fonts folder

Added WOEID to weather.rb file


Accessing via SSH

Easy peasy on my Mac!

Super useful app for finding out the IP addresses for all devices on your network: Fing¬†(that’s the Android store link but I think it’s also available for other OS)

On Mac, open Terminal.

$ ssh -X pi@<add IP address here>

It will ask you to type in your password, which by default is ‘raspberry’.

In addition to you being able to control your Pi via the Terminal on your Mac, this will allow you to open Pi applications in a window on your Mac screen.

E.g. I can open the program Geany in a window on my Mac just by typing $ geany into the Terminal