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Installing Dashing

Dashing allows you to make beautiful¬†customised dashboards. I’ve got to the point of it being up-and-running and displaying a dashboard in my browser. Next task is to customise it!

Dashing dashboard screenshot

How I got Dashing installed and running

Install ruby:

$ sudo apt-get install libyaml-ruby

$ sudo wget

$ tar -xvzf /boot/rubygems-1.8.25.tgz

~/rubygems-1.8.25 $ sudo ruby setup.rb

$ sudo apt-get install ruby1.9.1-dev

Install nodejs:

$ sudo apt-get install nodejs

Install bundler:

$ sudo gem install bundler

Install dashing:

$ sudo gem install dashing

Create new dashboard:

$ dashing new Abbies_dashboard

Bundle gems:

$ cd abbies_dashboard

~/abbies_dashboard $ bundle

Start dashing server:

~/abbies_dashboard $ dashing start


Accessing via SSH

Easy peasy on my Mac!

Super useful app for finding out the IP addresses for all devices on your network: Fing¬†(that’s the Android store link but I think it’s also available for other OS)

On Mac, open Terminal.

$ ssh -X pi@<add IP address here>

It will ask you to type in your password, which by default is ‘raspberry’.

In addition to you being able to control your Pi via the Terminal on your Mac, this will allow you to open Pi applications in a window on your Mac screen.

E.g. I can open the program Geany in a window on my Mac just by typing $ geany into the Terminal

Doing it cheap

I didn’t know how much I was really going to use my Pi so I didn’t want to spend much money on it. I got it with a cheap case from then scrounged the other parts from elsewhere:

  • Display – my TV
  • HDMI cable – already had for plugging laptop into TV
  • Keyboard (with mouse trackpad) borrowed from my friend to set the system up
  • Ethernet cable from my friend
  • Power cable – the USB mains charger from my Kindle
  • SD card – 2GB one from my camera, reformatted (had to buy a replacement so I can take photos!)

The keyboard was just a temporary thing because I now SSH/Share Screen into my Pi from my MacBook. I also bought a USB wireless adaptor, so I don’t need the ethernet cable but I keep it plugged in for streaming TV.